Michael Zevan

The Last Place You Look

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The Whisky Priest

Howdy, Michael Zevan here, known by some as the Whisky Priest. I’m a working man with a songwriting habit I can’t seem to shake. I hope it gets me into trouble one day. Welcome to my online abode.

Check out free music to hear some of my songs. For now, this and my YouTube channel are the best places to hear them, though I hope to change that soon. The selections will vary from time to time, so stay tuned.

My blog is daily readings, a record of my journey and lessons I’m learning along the way. It’s my attempt to build a community of like-minded folks who find what I’m up to interesting. I’m learning a lot and hope you can learn along with me. I hope to learn from you, too.

A bit about me: I’m a father of three teenagers and a military wife (which explains the working man part of things) from San Antonio, now living in Oklahoma thanks to Uncle Sam. Despite being burdened with a Master’s Degree in Literature which ill prepared me for life, it’s by working with my hands that I help keep the bills paid.

In high school, I discovered how good songs can save your sanity if not your life and, stealing from my heroes (at that time, U2, Sting, Pearl Jam, and Rich Mullins), I began writing songs myself. While I did manage to record an album (which I’m still pretty proud of), it was a private endeavor known only to a few of my friends.

Then came love, then came marriage and three babies rotating through one baby carriage. It wasn’t until after a wrenching divorce that I remembered the life-saving abilities of my first love: music. Stealing from a new set of heroes, I began writing songs with abandon and performing when I could, which was (and remains) too seldom. But after writing nearly 200 songs and hearing folks compare me to the likes of Steve Earle, James Taylor, and Mike McClure, I finally found the nerve to call myself a songwriter.

A few years ago, Kira saved my life in a different way and I soon found myself uprooted to the land of the stolen plains north of the Red River (which is actually red, if you’ve never seen it). It was here, with Kira’s encouragement, that I decided to see just how much trouble this songwriting can get me into.


My goal is to create songs with well-crafted lyrics and a folk music sensibility rooted in rock ‘n’ roll that explore territory mapped out by storytellers like Steve Earle, Josh Ritter, and John Darnielle, leaving the area populated with ordinary but memorable characters struggling to understand love, find something to believe in, and claim victory on their own terms in a world that doesn’t make that easy.